An Introduction to Guthmiller Genealogy

When researching the Guthmiller family name you will soon learn that there are several spelling variations. Most of this is the need to deal with the umlaut that exists in German but not in English. The most common spelling of the name in USA records is Guthmiller but you will also occasionally find it spelled Guthmueller or Guthmuller. Of course there are also many misspelling variations such as Goodmiller. Good miller is the literal English translation for the name.

The other thing that you will learn about is German naming traditions. During the period before the Guthmillers left Germany and for a while after leaving Germany it was very common for all the boys or almost all of the to have the same first name. This obviously would not work in day to day life except for the fact that they had different middle names that they went by.

Another practice that was common was that if an older child died at birth or while he was young the next child of the same gender would be given the same name. And last the list of acceptable given names was very small. Numerous fathers, sons, cousins, uncles and aunts would end up with the same first, last and middle names. I’m sure they figured out ways to deal with this in day to day life but it sure does not make it easy when you are doing research.

There may be a few Guthmillers that came directly to the USA from France and Germany but I believe that about 99% of the Guthmiller descendants in the USA came from German Colonies on South Russia (Now Ukraine).

As best I can I will try to lay out the linage of these descendants. My primary reference source is a book that Loranne (Guthmiller) Asmus put together about 20 years ago.

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  1. My great great grandfather Jacob Guthmiller born 2/3/1846, Neudorf, Russia
    My great grandfather John J. Guthmiller born 2/13/1884, Tripp, South Dakota
    My grandmother Thelma Guthmiller born 10/20/1915

    This is the extent of the information I have. I’d very much appreciate any resources anyone could share so I can learn more about my family’s history.

    1. Thelma is my aunt and the daughter of John J. Guthmiller. My father is Thelma’s brother. I used to have contact with your family and particularly with Rosemary who was named after John J. Guthmiller’s wife, Rose. I would very much like to connect again with your family so write if you get this. By the way, you may know that my Uncle Junior or John Guthmiller is still living and recently lost his wife.

    2. I’m trying to reconnect with your family and especially, Rosemary who once spent a summer vacation with me at our Grandfathers farm in Tripp, South Dakota. Respond to my email if you get this.
      Many thanks, Don

    3. jayson Trierweller,

      I grew up northeast of Tripp, SD. My grandmother was Maria Guthmiller and I have a double Guthmiller great grandparents line since Maria’s parents were Ludwig Guthmiller and Katharina Guthmiller. Give me a few days to look at my database and I’ll let you know what I have entered. I’m definitely familiar with the John J. Guthmiller family.

      Allyn Brosz

    4. I seen your post about your family history being guthmiller in Tripp south Dakota… That rang a huge bell from what my grandmother told me years back her name was Phyllis guthmiller and I know her dad’s name was David and her mom was Maggie.
      I know they also lived in the same town and were nieghbors at some point as the man that carved mt Rushmore. my grandmother wouldn’t lie about that but one thing I always wondered was if she was actually German like she claimed as she didn’t speak English until first grade, only German… But she looked very Jewish.. Very big pointy nose and dark hair.. And very stingy lol!! And a pack rat lol.
      Just curious if we’re related??
      Thanks, Chasity.

  2. The family Michelsohn are descending from Michel Hindriksson and his wife Walba Toennisdotter who came to the Swedish Colony of Alt-Schwedendorf in Kherson in 1782 and left this colony in 1794 with the people from Danzig who had been staying some years in Alt-Schwedendorf before moving to Alt-Danzig. They had the sons Andreas and Johan.

  3. The Swedish farmer Mickel Hindriksson was born Sep 27 1761 on the island of Dago/Hiiumaa off the Estonian coast. He arrived and founded Alt-Schwedendorf May 1 in 1782 along with 535 other Swedes. He 1784 married Walba Toennisdotter born Jan 10 1765 (also on Dago/Hiiumaa). Their sons; Andreas (born Aug 16 1786) and Johan (born March 18 1789) were both born in Alt-Schwedendorf. Somehow the family decided to move to Alt-Danzig in 1793/94.

  4. Hello,
    My name is William Schlecht. Wilhelm and Dorothea (ROSIN)
    SCHLECHT are my great grand parents. I am currious if you have any information about Adam SCHLECHT Bauer u. Maurer, specifically the suffix Bauer u. Maurer.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi,
    greetings from germany. Nice work you have done, Eva Katharina Elisabeth Guthmiller (*1813 Neudorf) married my Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grandfather Friedrich Eberhardt.

  6. My family lived in Tripp, SD, David Guthmiller married Elizabeth Hauck (sp?), children, Melvin, Bernice, Janet, Janice, Phyllis. Does anybody remember the 1949 blizzard?

    1. I’m Leona Tesky Koth Hix I grew up at Tripp,S.D. and am
      grandaughter of Ludwig Guthmiller brother to John J.
      Got to know the John J Guthmiller Family.
      would like to get in touch with you.

  7. Im trying to run down my heritage. Johann George klein and elisabetha margaretha Herzog. Do you have any futher information on this people. My grandmother was weltz which her mother schenkenburger and down to these descendants. I would appreciate all the help I can get. Phillipina klein was their daughter I follow through on. Thanks

  8. I am writing a book about the people of Neudorf, including the Guthmillers! It would be great to hear more about the Guthmillers and see photos to include in my book. 🙂

  9. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the family book “Guthmiller Family Genealogy from Wingen, Alsace, France to Neudorf, Cherson, Russia to the Dakotas”? printed in 1984

  10. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the family book “Guthmiller Family Genealogy from Wingen, Alsace, France to Neudorf, Cherson, Russia to the Dakotas”? printed in 1984.
    My mother Pauline (Paulina)E. Guthmiller was born south of Tripp SD to Caroline Frey Guthmiller and Frederick Guthmiller. Thank You

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A history of the Guthmillers from Germany to Russia and then the USA